Mind-Hack #13 : Own our struggle

I’ve heard somewhere that our happiness comes from our struggle.

So, own it, embrace it if you have any limitations, our weakness. That’s us being human, reminded by God that we have the limits, do our best and let God take the rest.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind-Hack #12 : Be a child

Take a child’s positivity into your attitude. No, not being a childish one, but have the curiosity like a child, or have the positivity as a child, and be welcoming and cheerful as a child.

It’s tiring to be adult anyway sometimes..

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind-Hack #11 : As long as..

Sometimes we focused on the stimulus too much that we did not see the positive of the condition. So while thinking about something and you thought it is quite unfair, what about trick yourself by thinking..

” As long as I could eat , I’m doing it!”


“As long I don’t have to work more hours, I’m in”


” As long I work in a team, it’s fine”

Take something that could give you a boost in the current condition. No matter how suck your option is, there is always something to be cheered for.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind-Hack #10 : Headspace

I would like to dedicate this #10 post to one of my favourite apps lately:


It is an essential app if you want a reminder how to be mindful, there are also good choice of narrations for mediation. I use it daily and it helps me to return to my mindfulness state. There is also a wake up feature which give you interesting topic and tips for your start of the day.

Be the champ of your own thought!

Mind-Hack #9 : “We are ungrateful bastards”

Yes. It’s true.

Sometimes we had SO MUCH yet we’re still complaining.

Keep repeating this words and it might serve as our wake-up call that maybe everything around us is fine, everything is OK. We just have to cope our mind a little.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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What life had taught me

These are some things that I learned so far:

  1. Forgive people’s mistake easily

Human are born with mistakes. We have flaws. And somehow we lot our ego ruins our relationship with other human by being mad to each other. Let’s be honest, aren’t we have our bigger mistake as well? And how come we ask God for forgiveness but we are unable to control ourself from being mad with other human being. God is the most Forgiven yet we are easily blame other people. Humble ourself, take easy for every other mistake, and pray God will forgive ours.

2. Organize your life

Here’s a secret of important recipe for life : Get organised. It is very simple yet essential.

Organise your study.

Organise your time.

Organise your room, or your house.

Organise your friend, best friend, good friend, special friend.

Organise your connection with God.

3. Have a purpose in everything that you are doing

Don’t let yourself be the automatic mode. Be present in whatever you are doing right now, ask yourself, what do you want to achieve with it. If you think this is useless, leave it and do other thing that encourage you with a good purpose.

Pray to God with a purpose : Today my pray will get me closer to God. Little by little, so we are in a close relationship with the Creator.

4. Take shortcomings as an experience

A new challenge is ahead of us to make us a better person. Don’t be afraid. Wholeheartedly doing it and create a solution in every challenge. Hopefully it would help us to erase our sin and be a bigger person.

5. We cant’ have everything that we dreamed of and it’s okay

Accept what we don’t have as our own struggle, instead asking for more. Embrace what we are having now. It really is okay, we have to eliminate unneeded wanted of things. If we’re getting everything that we want right now, what’s left for us in the hereafter?

5. We could do everything but we shouldn’t

Life is a test and we have to follow the rules. Pray and always search for a reminder that this world is just a test and there will be an after life. We are mostly forgot that life has its own rules. We use a people rules, such as if other people doing it then what I am doing is okay. Maybe we need to address that, maybe we’re not on the right environment. The key to change is change our environment.

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Mind-Hack #7 : Tackle Your Thought

So imagine thousands thought that stop in your mind daily, they’re coming like attacks and you did not realise that it’s just a thought. Some thoughts are important, it gives you memory about important stuffs to do, dates, or things. Some and most of them are prejudice thoughts toward you and surroundings, or fear, or worry, or hopeless.

How do we deal with this thought ?

Tackle it with POSITIVE THOUGHT or an ACTION. If you’re meddling too much with your mind, then it’s time for you doing some work, whatever that is, whether it’s a conversation, a home-errands, a study session, it allows you to focus on other thing, and hopefully that prejudice thought will be gone away.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Eye series : Strabismus

So here’s a short list about the pearl and point what needs to be understand about strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology

All the Strabismus Tests : Hirshberg,Cover, Uncover Tests

Basically there are 3 test to measure ocular alignment :

  1. Corneal Reflex Test
  2. Cover uncover Test
  3. Subjective Test (Maddox Rod )

-Corneal Reflex Test (Hirsberg )

Then if you suspect some deviation, you could use Krimksy Test to evaluate the amount of deviation :

2. Cover Test only used if there is a constant fixation.

There are three types :

-Cover uncover tests -detect manifest strabismus and differ between tropia or phoria(appear after cover)

-Alternate cover tests- detect both latent and manifest strabismus

-Alternate Prism and cover tests- to quantified the deviation with prims

-Simultaneous Prism and cover tests – to detect monofixation syndrome

3.Subjective Test (Maddox Rod)

uses devices consisting of series of parallel cylinders that converts a point source of light into line image

Mind- Hack #6 : Don’t give a small thing a big shadow

I think this is important. You might ever hear a word “don’t sweat the small stuff”, well this phrase is probably just as same as it, but I like this one more.

Don’t give a small thing a big shadow.

Sometimes we worry too much for something that was not as big as it is and sometimes we worry things that we can not control.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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