It’s been a while. A long while.

Last time I wrote was pretty much during the summer, and time flies. Here I am, in the middle of sunday afternoon observing the beautiful rain. It was not pouring hard neither to shallow. Just the perfect rain. And where were we?

Of course, the world still in the midst of pandemic. But there’s a light. Vaccines was in the process and anytime soon we are in line for the shot. I mean, can you imagine we are the movie itself? It’s unbelievable that we manage to hold up until this very second, and truth is, it is better than any fiction ever been.

And how about myself? If, anyone is wondering. I am on my third year. Nothing much. The feeling was there. You know what it is, if you’ re following my blog from the very first. I read a lot of books now. Thanks to the amazing iPad and free ebook that I could snatch. And not only books, but the books that I’ve been searching for. The books where every line (well, almost every line) gives a point in my life that said ‘it’s true, i’ve been there’.

And what about age? What about age, the fact that it doesn’t really count as a cue for adultness, nor reminder of a life-is-a-competition where you see all your friends are growing with their loved ones and careers.

Yet here I am, physically the same, yet somehow I felt the bigger power in me, which still contains a lot of fear, but there’s this litte thing, called hope. Hope that I could still manage my career, hope that I could still earn an honest love and loving someone, hope that I could write for the rest of my life, hope that I could disembark my own worry.

I could ditch fiction. I know that it’s not controlling me anymore, but I watch fiction such as netflix or tv shows to give me the inspiration.

But yet I’m living my own fiction.