Me and My Ramadan (Special Pandemic Edition) :Back to Basics

Hello, as some of you know that I’m a moslem and todays starts the month that is very ritual for me, which is Ramadan. It is the month where all moslems in the world fasting (and breakfasting at the end of the day) for almost a month before we reach the Eid. This month is very important for us, and for me as well, because it is like a holy month where our supplications are answered, our deeds are multiplied, and so on. It’s like the holiday sale season for a fashion lover. And I don’t want to miss it just like another month. I want to increase my faith hopefully, despite all the pandemic situations going on, I hope it doesn’t bother at all and in fact it could give me some opportunities in focusing the pray!

So what I want to achieve in this Ramadan is back to basic. I want to get back for where I belong, as a humble individual created by God and thus we have to be grateful for it. And we worship God, it is actually mere for our benefits as well. Mindfulness in Islam is called Murakabah, and it includes meditation, supplication, dzikr, and Koran recital. So far in comprehensing about mindfulness I would add breathing technique, a noting that mind is always wander, an intention to be present, but now that I combine it with religion based knowledge, that’s not all. In order to relieve our stress and anxiety we have to have someone that is powerful enough as our protector and who else if it’s not..God? The supplications (prayers), dzikrs, and Koran recital is a way of reminder that all things happened is by permission of God. So let’s say if you’re afraid of getting fired you will try to be closer to your boss, stole his heart so you could be keep as an employee, well that’s pretty much what we should do with God.. in a more divine way. We praise God, we acknowledge our past mistakes and weakness as a human, then now that God pays attention to us, we ask God anything and have faith that it will be answered in the best way possible. Yes, the best way possible, because sometimes what we ask for is not always good for us, but God knows best.

Now that is time for us to get back to basics, I mean, all this pandemic going on, what is something that could we learn from all of this? That we as humanity has crashed in so many ways. I am not being too religious or anything but what your faith you had right now, you must ever heard about the pandemic in stories of the Prophets, right? Isn’t it God’s ways to give a direct reminder that some communities just did not play with God’s rule, and God wants to weep out the communities. That is, it is our time to think that there must be reasons why these conditions occurred. It is a reminder, so let’s back to the start. Let’s say we want to correct our previous mistakes, one step at a time, and fill it with the good deeds. It is the best time. So I might not be around routinely in my blog for the next month, but I am gonna check it once a while, but wherever you are in any part of the world, I wish you for a great safety and mindful health!

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Mind-Hack #22 : If it’s easy it will become easy

Thoughts alter our reality.

Somehow we need to trick our mind that what we’re going to do is easy, and eventually it will become easy.

Trick ourself to think that we could handle the situations lightly, and somehow we get some help.

Be the champ of your own thought!

Mind-Hack #20 : Remember our past mistakes

To be humble is a very difficult part. Sometimes we just forgot about who or what we are. we forgot that we are standing here with the permission of God. We have know idea whether we’re going into heaven or hellfire, but one thing for sure, we’re going there.

Take time to remember our mistakes, to be humble, to connected with God in a better way.

Be the champ of your own thought !

Mind-Hack #19 : Make a mind palace

Create your own mind palace, as example for creating awareness about your thought, you could make in example “mad room” , “bad guy room”, or “envy room”. Or made a special floor included “creativity place”, “good deed corner”, or “my funny side”.

So whenever things happened to you, you might want to think, this is probably came from the envy room.. I’m just gonna shut the door. Open another room that is better for your mindfulness.

Be the champ of your own thought!

Mind-Hack #17 : Ask yourself, are you being mindful ?

Since it’s my favourite number #17, I’m going to give out my one of my favourite mind hack tips.

Ask yourself, Am I being mindful right now?

For example, you’re eating lunch, ask yourself at the moment, are you being mindful with your lunch? Are you enjoying and grateful with your food ? Or you’re thinking about your next work while eating your lunch?

Other example would be, while doing some works or studying, are you really into your work or your study?Am I being mindful with what I’m doing now?

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind-Hack #16 : Selectively choose your environment

In order to change your life, what really matters is to change oyur environment.

Our habits are basically based on our environment.

If you have books surrounding your place, there will be a bigger chance that you’re gonna read books or make a time to read books.

If you want to make a good habit, place the objects that relate with your habit as easy as possible to reach it.

If you want to be a good person, surround yourself with groups of good people.

If it’s not, you’re gonna end up wasting your time by your phone..

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind-Hack #14 : In another life…

There are lots of things we want in life.

too much that we could not focus on getting it. Eventually we only focus on some of the important thing in life.

But we want so much and that’s okay. Keep doing good deeds and have faith that in another the afterlife.. hopefully we could reach the place where we could get anything we want in life.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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