A New Leap

Now that December had gone away, what left is this misty January with lots of plans ahead, and my head have gone mad today just for thinking all those plans and worries. Typical me. Turns out the bell rings for new year didn’t set up my brain as well.

Just take a deep breath and now that you are alive in this new year despite the hazardous year we had, we should be grateful for it.

If there is one thing we could learn from last year, enjoy the moments and don’t stress too much for the future because guess what, you might as well not know what is happening as well. But still, change your habit, since it’s the only thing that could give you a better hope for the future.

Now that I’m still studying my residency, I’m going to enjoy my moment of studying, I’m going to make reading my medical books as a habit, something that I would read before sleep on my ipad, browsing what gets me interested. Just like browsing for your next show to watch on netflix.

I might not be that good at studying, but somehow I learn myself how to learn. I like it when I could explain or give a knowledge for my peers, I feel like I’m proud and that’s my pride. I know it’s not a good motive, but what’s wrong with being a teacher to your friends? And during the stud process in order to memorize things, I think I should check in my memory first what’s in order for me. Now that I know how much I know about things, then I associate it with these new knowledges from my reading. Hope it works, fingercross.

Here’s to a new year. A new leap. A new habit. A new hope.

30 Rock

It’s a quiet night tonight after a whole long week of raining.

One thing I realized these past few days that last night I was staying at my friend’s place and I enjoyed the freedom of it. I think my biggest problem here is the fact that I’m still living with my parents, feeling trapped as their kid instead of being a free individual, while I’m on my residency which restrain me from financial freedom to rent my own place.

I know, sucks and I just have to suck in it.

Anyway, the perks of being 30 is you know that the older you are you want to express things instead just keeping it inside, you’d rather to tell what you;re thinking and feeling to others whoever that is instead of keeping it by yourself and eventually getting you crazy. Talking to others giving you an epiphany for yourself that the problem is actually solvable and not as hard as we think, and we left our burden to think its problem itself. I’ve been keeping it to myself for the last years, for the whole life probably and know I realized I’m probably doing it wrong. We are human that needs connection to each other and sharing vulnerable part of ourself is keeping us near instead of distance.


Mind-Hack #20 : Remember our past mistakes

To be humble is a very difficult part. Sometimes we just forgot about who or what we are. we forgot that we are standing here with the permission of God. We have know idea whether we’re going into heaven or hellfire, but one thing for sure, we’re going there.

Take time to remember our mistakes, to be humble, to connected with God in a better way.

Be the champ of your own thought !

Mind-Hack #19 : Make a mind palace

Create your own mind palace, as example for creating awareness about your thought, you could make in example “mad room” , “bad guy room”, or “envy room”. Or made a special floor included “creativity place”, “good deed corner”, or “my funny side”.

So whenever things happened to you, you might want to think, this is probably came from the envy room.. I’m just gonna shut the door. Open another room that is better for your mindfulness.

Be the champ of your own thought!

Mind-Hack #17 : Ask yourself, are you being mindful ?

Since it’s my favourite number #17, I’m going to give out my one of my favourite mind hack tips.

Ask yourself, Am I being mindful right now?

For example, you’re eating lunch, ask yourself at the moment, are you being mindful with your lunch? Are you enjoying and grateful with your food ? Or you’re thinking about your next work while eating your lunch?

Other example would be, while doing some works or studying, are you really into your work or your study?Am I being mindful with what I’m doing now?

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind-Hack #16 : Selectively choose your environment

In order to change your life, what really matters is to change oyur environment.

Our habits are basically based on our environment.

If you have books surrounding your place, there will be a bigger chance that you’re gonna read books or make a time to read books.

If you want to make a good habit, place the objects that relate with your habit as easy as possible to reach it.

If you want to be a good person, surround yourself with groups of good people.

If it’s not, you’re gonna end up wasting your time by your phone..

Be the champ of your own thought!

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com