Mind-Hack #12 : Be a child

Take a child’s positivity into your attitude. No, not being a childish one, but have the curiosity like a child, or have the positivity as a child, and be welcoming and cheerful as a child.

It’s tiring to be adult anyway sometimes..

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind-Hack #11 : As long as..

Sometimes we focused on the stimulus too much that we did not see the positive of the condition. So while thinking about something and you thought it is quite unfair, what about trick yourself by thinking..

” As long as I could eat , I’m doing it!”


“As long I don’t have to work more hours, I’m in”


” As long I work in a team, it’s fine”

Take something that could give you a boost in the current condition. No matter how suck your option is, there is always something to be cheered for.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind-Hack #10 : Headspace

I would like to dedicate this #10 post to one of my favourite apps lately:


It is an essential app if you want a reminder how to be mindful, there are also good choice of narrations for mediation. I use it daily and it helps me to return to my mindfulness state. There is also a wake up feature which give you interesting topic and tips for your start of the day.

Be the champ of your own thought!

Mind-Hack #9 : “We are ungrateful bastards”

Yes. It’s true.

Sometimes we had SO MUCH yet we’re still complaining.

Keep repeating this words and it might serve as our wake-up call that maybe everything around us is fine, everything is OK. We just have to cope our mind a little.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind-Hack #7 : Tackle Your Thought

So imagine thousands thought that stop in your mind daily, they’re coming like attacks and you did not realise that it’s just a thought. Some thoughts are important, it gives you memory about important stuffs to do, dates, or things. Some and most of them are prejudice thoughts toward you and surroundings, or fear, or worry, or hopeless.

How do we deal with this thought ?

Tackle it with POSITIVE THOUGHT or an ACTION. If you’re meddling too much with your mind, then it’s time for you doing some work, whatever that is, whether it’s a conversation, a home-errands, a study session, it allows you to focus on other thing, and hopefully that prejudice thought will be gone away.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind- Hack #6 : Don’t give a small thing a big shadow

I think this is important. You might ever hear a word “don’t sweat the small stuff”, well this phrase is probably just as same as it, but I like this one more.

Don’t give a small thing a big shadow.

Sometimes we worry too much for something that was not as big as it is and sometimes we worry things that we can not control.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind – Hack #5 : Let Laugh

So, in everyday terms you will found many external stimulus. Somehow you could not manage to keep your emotions and it turned out your reaction is too much. Don’t take everything seriously and just let things go. And how exactly are we going to do that? Well, here’s a tips :

Let laugh. Well, not like a big laugh, just a smile towards the people talking to you. Let all people’s conversation towards you is a scenario in a comedy series or movie. It’s a satire. Think that you are in a comedy series instead of Drama series. The content might be the same, but the vibe is different.

So don’t take everything into account. Let Laugh. Not a big laugh, just a giggle. Or smile. Then respond to it. It might be different.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind – Hack #4 : Don’t ask recognition

Most of the time, our stress came from ourself, and some of them are disappointment by not receiving a proper acknowledgement by other people. So here’s a trick..

Do not ask recognition.

Create your own happiness by doing things for other people and do not take something in return even if it’s acknowledgement. Most of the time, other human let us down. So, create you own mindfulness by putting a right mindset.

Be the champ of your own thought!

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Mind – Hack #3 : Let it slide

Most of the time, you will noticed that your first thought on every external stimulus is coming from your ego. Sometimes you just want to react it instantly, but most of the time, most of situations did not need any intervention.

Let It Slide.

Lots of small things did not worth the talk or discussion. Just let it slide. Or in the words of Elsa from Frozen, Let it go!

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