30 Rock

It’s a quiet night tonight after a whole long week of raining.

One thing I realized these past few days that last night I was staying at my friend’s place and I enjoyed the freedom of it. I think my biggest problem here is the fact that I’m still living with my parents, feeling trapped as their kid instead of being a free individual, while I’m on my residency which restrain me from financial freedom to rent my own place.

I know, sucks and I just have to suck in it.

Anyway, the perks of being 30 is you know that the older you are you want to express things instead just keeping it inside, you’d rather to tell what you;re thinking and feeling to others whoever that is instead of keeping it by yourself and eventually getting you crazy. Talking to others giving you an epiphany for yourself that the problem is actually solvable and not as hard as we think, and we left our burden to think its problem itself. I’ve been keeping it to myself for the last years, for the whole life probably and know I realized I’m probably doing it wrong. We are human that needs connection to each other and sharing vulnerable part of ourself is keeping us near instead of distance.


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