Short Holiday

Just had like a short holiday. I know, it’s against everything that we’re fighting for, and UK started to giving restrictions at Tier 4.

So what do I feel after the short holiday.

You know that excitement to go somewhere that actually vanished for this year? And that weariness that you felt during your trip going home ?

Well yeah it kinda felt like that. Not so much for excitement(I’ve been there before), but total fatigue after hours of trip. Sometimes I do miss for planes and going for other countries I haven’t visited yet. Hopefully next year.

But anyway, I am quite okay with spending times with my family, doing some little hiking, and enjoying the fog and rain on the mountain (my favourite). I just did not realised I am getting this old (on my thirty now crying) and did not have the same stamina as I was used to, but actually I know my body more, I know what time I should eat, medication I should take, time I should go to sleep, so it is practically more into not giving up your daily habits during your short holiday. And wear mask.

But what the holiday gives me is it gives me back those long gold rope that keeps me sane in my insanity way, that whispering sessions of you’re doing good and you deserves it, so just enjoy. I watched my niece playing running without purpose, just running and I was like, time had passed way too much.. it’s been such a long time I haven’t been a child that doing things just because.. you like it.

I don’t know, those wide field of grasses giving them the freedom to run..since like this early year we barely run, or go anywhere, so that’s like a revenge for them. And I was just, happy by only seeing it. And I felt like an old person already(d’oh).

Happy Holiday..and take care!

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