Peppermint tea

There’s this one bag of tea that I keep so long and use it on the right day. And this is the right day. A rainy 5 pm saturday. I remember once when I went to Paris (yes, I finally did!) me and my best friend were having an early dinner at a Morocco-esque restaurant in Paris and it was raining, so everyone was going inside, and the restaurant was crowded, but we had so much fun, and we drank Peppermint tea! So at my flight back, somehow I had to stay one night in Zurich (awesome) and there is this freebag of peppermint tea in breakfast hall so I snatched it and I bring it home to my country.

Reminiscing those days, when we walk all over Seine rivers, exploring the city, having dinner at a Parisian restaurant, it was one of the fine days of my life.

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