Eye series : Strabismus

So here’s a short list about the pearl and point what needs to be understand about strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology

All the Strabismus Tests : Hirshberg,Cover, Uncover Tests

Basically there are 3 test to measure ocular alignment :

  1. Corneal Reflex Test
  2. Cover uncover Test
  3. Subjective Test (Maddox Rod )

-Corneal Reflex Test (Hirsberg )

Then if you suspect some deviation, you could use Krimksy Test to evaluate the amount of deviation :

2. Cover Test only used if there is a constant fixation.

There are three types :

-Cover uncover tests -detect manifest strabismus and differ between tropia or phoria(appear after cover)

-Alternate cover tests- detect both latent and manifest strabismus

-Alternate Prism and cover tests- to quantified the deviation with prims

-Simultaneous Prism and cover tests – to detect monofixation syndrome

3.Subjective Test (Maddox Rod)

uses devices consisting of series of parallel cylinders that converts a point source of light into line image

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