Diary of an eye resident doctor

Today, my patient is a little girl. One of her eye had already shrunken, we called it pthisis of eye. It had been damaged due to her history of prematurity, resulting a condition of severe stage of retinopathy of prematurity. Now she only left with her left eye but sadly due to its compensation, she couldn’t see with 6/6 vision on her left eye. So the best thing for her is saving her last eye as best way as possible, and accurate refraction and glasses will help her. The ironic thing is that she had a younger baby brother, with the same resulting condition, with severe retinopathy of prematurity. It’s so sad. As far as I concerned, it is not genetic. But the father of these two kids were so brave and wholeheartedly bring these kids, and when we asked them to do an examination (eye examination for kids could take a long time), he encourage the kids with “c’mon let’s go!” with pleasurable vibe. He cheers them up. I’m just so amazed by how the father could pull up this heartwarming attitude despite the situation of both the kids.

My last patient today was another kids ( I am on my rotation of eye pediatric, that’s why my patients were all children ), it’s a six months old baby with both eye having the suspicious cancer, which is retinoblastoma. It’s a devastating news for the parents. They had been aware for the last three months that the baby had “cat-eye” apperance but they did not take it as an alarm. Cat eye appearance or leukokoria is a high chance of suspicion of eye cancer. I urgently referred this patient to the oncology unit for further work up. I hate to be the one breaking the bad news, but that’s one of the suckiest thing to be a doctor. You had to tell the truth.

I just hope all of the family of these children had the strength they need to have. Having eye disease is a problem, but having your kids’ eye a disease, is a way bigger problem. It takes a whole lifetime to the kids to adapt for their vision and increase the quality of life. I just hope they could see the world as bright as it ever be.

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