Just a thought

It does easy to spent a weekend into a good one when you have the time and money, but the more important thing is how you control and put your emotions into it.

So today I had a pretty solid saturday, me and my friend played tennis in the morning, then me and my other friend had a nice lunch at a sushi restaurant. I bought a nice Zara pants with a sale price (such a steal-especially when the pants fits you well, it is quite difficult to find my size and length) and order a nice streusel pie for my mother’s birthday next week. And finding out a scientific magazine was sent out to my home( I’m a part of the member and I’m quite proud with it lol). And me and my family drove to the airport to take my sister’s leaving for the States (three weeks program though). And we had a nice afternoon coffee at starbucks in the airport (don’t you just love coffee shop at airport?). So pretty much I had a pretty solid day but it winds up into being in a car with my parents for like 45 minutes and it is not easy to hold yourself for not chanting any opinions or comments that could raise up fire or bring debates with your parents.So silent is my best friend. But somehow you don’t want to miss a moment as well, so being way to silent will leave you an ignorance impression with your parents, so it leaves with this result of thought : no matter how great or bad your day is, what matters is how you put your emotions and feelings into it. If it was a crappy day but you bring all things with light and enjoy every moment even the crappiest one and take it as a life lesson that will happen only ONCE in your life, you’ll feel like a movie star doing a scene in your big movie life. But even if it is a good day but you twirls up the silly little things and stressing everything or overthinking everything and make a fuss about any uncomfortable feeling that you felt, the result will be you will feel bad for yourself. So it really depends on you. Yes, shockingly, you.

Tips for weekend : make a list of things you want to do and you need to do. Then do it. Then you’ll be a champ. But at times you need to just roll with it and let some space for any extra activity so you’re not cramming for ticking all the lists.

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