5 ways how to overcome daily struggle (and become a champ)

Hello! Here with me again, with all the shortcomings in life that I faced, albeit all of other things, somehow I could relate why the name Shortchamp was perfect, because shortcomings are sometimes could be difficult to manage if we don’t keep our head straight, but with some little tricks and tips here’s how to overcome daily struggle and become the Shortchamp!

  1. Act like Fleabag
Act like Fleabag.

If you haven’t heard or watch Fleabag, I recommended you to watch it. It’s very entertaining yet giving a subtle example how to deal with self-insecurity that we have. Somehow our life are related with Fleabag struggle, drown in the midst of other people’s perfection, and yet we’re still manage our way. That what happened with last night’s my family dinner. It was for my mom’s birthday dinner. And people were seemed like having lots of fun – except me. I want to finish it as soon as possible. The restaurant was so good, it was Arabian restaurant so it had different vibe than we usually had, and the manager was really helpful. On my way home I’m thinking, the feeling I had probably the same with what I had 10 years ago. There was this feeling that I am not involved into the conversations. Maybe as an Introvert, I don’t like small talks. And in family dinner, people glorified small talks. They talked about the changing traffic lamp as if it was the next great amendment. Probably the reason is the fact we met member of the family way too often so the conversations got boring. But still the point is, that I remember exactly one scene from Fleabag when she was struggling (meanwhile us-the audience- laughing) facing the dinner, but somehow she managed to do it well. She kept smiling during the whole thing, and answering people’s uncomfortable questions like a charm, although we viewers knew it about how miserable her feeling was. And what I’m lacked of is positioning myself during with some other people with my slogan I’d rather not talk unless you’re asking attitude- and it’s not going anywhere, doesn’t it? At some moments I used the fleabag character- like to face things in my daily situations, which represents as the quite, smiling when needed, not being too loud, edgy, attentive, made nice funny comments, losing your mind at incredible times, calm (with knowing that you’re panic inside), but most of all..gracefully imperfect. And it’s not like you’re not being the other character, you’re still yourself, but you diminish those mind-fucking demons that kept you from being who you really best-self are.

2. Stop being over-sensitive and over-thinking


If you want to make things right, then this is probably the sole reason why your other parts of the brain didn’t work. It was being over-sensitive to things and over-thinking as well.

We all know that over or too much in anything is not good, and that includes our mind as well. Mental health was the sole most important thing right now, it gives you a lot of hell if you’re not managing it in the right way, the same thing when you’re not controlling your blood sugar you will eventually become diabetes, it also works if you’re not taking care of your mind- it become toxic as well!

3. Your life’s a situational comedy

Gabi from Young & Hungry

One of my favourite sitcom that was US based is Young and Hungry. And it usually had the best time when the rerun aired on TV, which was 6 pm on weekday so it was the right time for winding and eating dinner while watching Gabi and friends. The people were so hilarious, the comedy was smart, it was almost like the next generation’s of Friends. So, sometimes there were a HUGE problem occured during the storym but somehow people were making it so effortlessly funny- and it was the contrary in my life, where every little things become a chaotic drama. And I asked myself lots of times, life’s are way too serious already, why not let having fun a little? I mean, problems will arise, you know it yourself, one go and one comes ahead. If outside problems were not appeared, most of the time we ourself hack our little mind to create the modern world problems : anxiety, fear, jealousy, hatred. Why not enjoy the life that God had already created for us ( which had each own different story) and enjoy the show? Act like Gabi, silly, charismatic, funny, and take everything EASY. It eventually become one. I really like the part when she made mistakes and her way of apologising to Josh(her boss/boyfriend) is create a cat’s roaring sound, which actually works for her (not for me to my boss I guess!). What is the best way to turn a dramatic event in our life, stressing too much or making it as a life-situational comedy? The best laugh always come from the darkest event. Life’s hard already- take it simple, laugh with it, no matter how difficult your problems/worry/fear looks like to solve, the best answer is to get through it. And why not get through it while having some fun.

4. Don’t want for human acknowledgment

Everyone’s want to be acknowledged. Everyone’s is thinking most about themself- most of all. Well some of them do care about others- but most of the time they do think about what are their routines/struggles/problems. And if you’re not gaining enough attention from your community, what are you doing? You reach for one. Trust me. Even the best people had everything to do with being acknowledged with others. We live in social world. It is imperative.

When some people had talents and their working it well, they reach the attention they deserve- and people called them a success- and that’s a winning. Am I right?

But what happened when people did not have the right talent, or wasted in wrong field/workplace/subject? They reach for attention by showing their incapability, asking for help, told what they felt to other people. It become toxic they become infamous- they do all the wrong things to attract attention. But no one wants to keep something by themselves. At times people create distraction (other things that unrelated from their primary job), and it gains attention, so they move to those other field where they reach audience for their talent. At some times in some conditions they feel they can’t move, they need the money, or they need the status, so they keep working/studying/doing things but they sharing the feeling to other closest people. Or they got drunk, wasted, trying to forget their problems, felt better, and continuing doing those things the next day. It happened to most of us: we don’t know what we want. We are obliged to know what we want, and some people took days, some took years, some took a lifetime to know what they want.

But here’s the thing that is tricky : HUMANS are craving for something what they want, but once they got one, they ungrateful bastards did not use the blessings in the rightful way in what they had achieved, and WANTED OTHER THINGS INSTEAD.

All the things that move a human is the wanting factor. A person wants coffee, wants a good job, wants to be abroad, wants to be popular, wants to be acknowledged, it never really finish. They forgot the essential part : blessing for what they already have from what they want.

So, here’s the tips in your little life: don’t crave for acknowledgement. It is hurtful. People keep dissapointing you in so many ways.

Do things just because you like doing it. Or at least you’re able to do it. Concentrate on something keeps you calm (truth), and let your mind focus and not wander for other things that corrupt in your mind.

Just through your life.

I’m not saying enjoy your life- you may be pissed off when some strangers ask you to enjoy your life, but through your life. With anything that you already owned, be grateful. Cherish it. For what you don’t have but you want? Ask yourself, did you really want it or it’s just a simple craving that goes unwary in your mind. If it’s something that you really really really really really really really really really want ( YES I said those milion of times because the effort will be so much painful than your simple ” I WANT” piece of mind), then you need to focus in it. Make it as a priority in your life. Eliminate others.

5. You are allowed to share

Your mind is a mood swing. Sometimes you need to cry for all the things you opressed in yourself. Cry. in front of your closest person. Make at least a person note your struggle, so you’re feeling less alone. You are allowed to share. And if..if..you don’t have the closest person or you don’t trust others..then trust God. Share your story to God. Pray and tell all your stories- ALL your stories. Here’s connected to previous points that don’t crave for human acknowledgment, but God’s.

Once you cried, you will feel a LOT better, then your mood swings change in to “calm state” again- remember, life’s upside down, and we all here in this world is for..yeah you get this one right, TESTED. You’re not in this life to become the best writer ever, or greatest doctor ever, or being the most aspiring actor ever. No. You’re being tested. And I hope this writing give you some confidence in facing -yes, yourself– to prevent being mentally disturbed.

I hope you had a good day. Cheers.

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