Make things right.

I keep thinking how to make things right. But turns out, the answer is right there.

Just right there in front of my eyes.

In order to make things right, you have to be present and be content for what you have today, at this very moment. Set aside your past regret, or future anxiety.

Just deal with now. Enjoy what you’re looking at right now, think that in the future you might miss this very moment. Be grateful for this.

You don’t have to be entitled that you want to make everything is comfortable. Remember, being right is not trying to make everything comfortable.

In life, it is an assurance that you will faced uncomfortable, no matter what your decisions are.

So face your struggle. Don’t have an ideal setup. Just keep yourself busy. It lets your mind stop wandering about how to make everything right.

It will eventually become right. Just hold on to yourself.

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