How to hack your mind with Life keywords

Now I would like to address that everyday we undeniably battle with ourselves. But what if we could made peace with it ? Here’s how, we need some remembrance for ourselves that things could be better or worse only by changing our mindset. Sometimes we need a long way to catch the nail that hidden under our mind, but here’s some way to ease our mind- remember some keywords. If you’re messing yourself with your mind, remember those keywords in order to gain momentum about how you want to overpower yourself. This is my keyword so far that worked for me :

  1. Entitled

This is by far, the most psychological-high class-yet easy way to be down to earth. Yeah, most of our problems are ego, and the ego comes from the thought that we feel entitled. We feel that our need and want must be accommodated by other people, resulting in a chaotic mind especially when our expectations did not meet our reality.

2. Abundance

Being grateful is one of the most important thing in the world. Sometimes the word being grateful or blessed is not quite helpful for reminding ourself since it was overused in the daily conversation, but the word abundance is so personal and a good-positive-catchy word to remind us that we already had so much today, and if we’re focusing about all those thing, we might distracted from focusing all other problems that bugging our mind.

3. Get yourself together

In korean words, jeongshin charyeo. Come to your senses. It is very helpful when your mind is cloudy, with lust,emotions, crazy thought, daydreaming. Tell it to yourself like a snap, with a huge excalamation point to realize what you should focusing instead thinking crazy in you little corner of mind.

4. Thou Shall Pass

Just remember, everything wil pass. Your feeling will change and it will not be constant.

I hope it’s useful. What is your own keyword? Share your thought in comments.

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