What to do at home during the lock-down

Hi, I hope you’re healthy and safe in this crisis condition. Today is the first day after my department started the shift to work in the hospital, so basically we minimise our interaction in the hospital, which had been found that one of the residency in my hospital was found positive, and since the hospital is the biggest one in my city so they had to accept treating the co-vid patients. In midst of these condition, my country started the lockdown starting tomorrow. No one could get in nor get out of this country, which is good. Preventive matters.

Now that most of the time we should considered staying at home, these are my ideas for spending productive days (and safe) at home :

  1. Protective Measure

So with the recommendation of my friend, I bought a sterilization lamp online. It was actually designed by Xiaomi for pet, but this sleek and mobile design could be used in another place and for human’s surrounding as well. So we could put in a room, leave the room then let it work for around 30 minutes. I know you might think that this not quite useful, but considering the case that nowadays people still in the midst of not doing the full protective measure ( people still go outside, masks were not obligated unless in my working area, there are still cars around) so it’s not a total self-isolate process. We are still allowed at home. But this could be useful in the future as well, so before the price is getting increased dramatically just like face masks, I decided to buy it. I also considered whether or not it is really important to go outside, and restrict people’s interaction. Yesterday I went to another hospital to visit my friend that just had a baby and they restrict and not allowed us to go visit my friend and her baby. But for what it’s worth I think it’s for a better reason.

I also bought a lot of yoghurt( a french one !) , juice, some frozen foods, and snacks to make myself comfortable at home. It is quite possible in the near future that my government would not allowed public transportation and ordering uber or even making strict regulations not allowed us to get out of home. My home was actually pretty close to two of the crisis center hospital, and also close with a big institute that had been full lockdown due to the rumor that the dean was infected and just last weekend he attend the graduation ceremony. So, yeah, preventive measures is needed.

Sterilization lamp

2. Calling Friends

Being self-quarantine also a good opportunity to connect with old friends because I think it’s the one thing that keep up myself sane, because i would be degraded by my own mind. Just last night, I was thinking that I’m considering to discontinue my dream for studying abroad, because..why, I just can’t find the way to actually getting a decent work in other country, moreover when you’re a doctor when lots of countries have strict regulation giving work from international graduates. So yes probably I’m going to work in my country but spent some weeks or a month going abroad. I hope I could get a shot working in the capital city, and it keeps distracting my mind so I decided to call a friend and we discussed it and she agrees that it is quite reachable reality, instead of stressing myself to get job abroad. So the point is being mindful. We could not predict the future, so let’s just work what we have right now and accept wherever our life leads us too. So calling a friend is a nice way to spent our time without having to spent our money at the cafe, and we could do it just right from home.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

3. Writing

Yes, continuing this, it keeps me on track, rewiring my brain and dissecting all the thoughts in my mind. It’s theraupetic. So probably I would write a lot more in this blog. Fingercross.

4. Movie Marathon

YES. I could not explain it more, but my heads were all up for French movies for sure.

5. Study in a fun way

I would think for a study group with us doing the video call but if that’s too much to do, probably the best thing is finding a way to keep interested to read textbook while you’re not taking care of patients in the hospital. Most of my active reading was motivated from taking care patients in the hospital and read about the disease, but I just found out that there were this amazing formula about studying : curiosity. And the formula for Curiosity = Wonder + Awe. So instead cookie-pressure ourself to memorise all the information, let’s take another perception of we’re studying because we want to know about lots of stuff and be awed with all the amazing things that we did not know yet. By involving emotions and being active it is easier to us grasp the information that we received.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

6. Playing Games = Increase our focus

Yes.. I wish I knew it sooner. I usually don’t like games, but I had this one game that keeps me hook, it’s a simple searching hidden objects game, but it’s really addictive and you know what.. I just realized that by having a time-limit we are pushed to increase our focus to win the game, and my mind suddenly worked like a charm that in order to find a hat for example, we have to know the exact shape and colour of the hat, then we search it in the ordinary way it was put, but if it’s not there then we try to continue search in other spot, but remember search the stuff once at a time. You will not be doing anything at all if you’re searching for everything at the same time. And that quite reflects how we study to be efficient. We aim what we want to know, go into the right book and page, and stored the information. That is active studying. And by doing the time limit, it increases our time to read a long line of paragraphs without did not understand the meaning at all.

Addicted to this game : Hidden Hotel

7. Cooking

Trying out new things is impressing. So I decided instead buying foods, I am making one. It’s also a great way to spent our time with people on the house.

My Own Potato Croquette with Cheese Sauce

7. Reflect Ourself

So I hope everyone is doing all the best for our survival. Remember this is the most important thing : This is the best way to reflect to ourself, to connect us more with The Creator, since we fought with a very little tiny and microscopic creatures yet we’re still losing it. So we are a very weak human being, aren’t we? And we might forgot that all the routines we did were mostly bless from God that we are healthy and being able to do lots of stuffs. And remember don’t forget to have hope..hope that this will be over soon, hope that will be okay in the future.

So, have a great lockdown – may we all protected from the virus. Cheers.

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