What to do at home during the lock-down : part 2

Suddenly you have all time in the world..with space restriction. Here are some tips to fill your daily tasks so you’re not turning into zombie and trap in prison of consciousness-here we are :

  1. Learning new language

It’s the time for you to actually learn the language that you’ve been craving for but you have no time.. for me, it’s French. Take some online classes or enjoy some of the movies with subtitles. I’m really interested with FluentU online classes, I think I’m gonna give it a try for free trial. I’m wondering to spent sunny day in Paris just like I had last year, sitting on a café and ordering menu but this time with a proper French language, instead of using the english where some of French people surprisingly did not talk very fluently. I think that would be fantastic, if we survive all this world war Z ( we hope so).

Photo by Matt Hardy on Pexels.com

2. Conference call tutoring class

I’ve tried it with my friend. So he’s going to have an exam next month to get into the same residency where I’m currently enrolled (yay for more friends) and I also have an exam next month. So I just found out earlier is the best way to study is to teach people..that’s why the teacher is always the best student. So me and my friend use zoom to tutor. It’s great so far, because since I want to give a legit material I have to read it thoroughly before I explained it to my friend and give the easiest explanation as possible. And he would give feedback giving questions or re-stating what I just explained so it’s a great active way of studying. A little tips for conference call : do use sharescreen tools so you are on the same page with your peers. For example opening the page of ebook or since I’m studying material with lots of picture needed I opened google images and typing everything that we’re currently studying. It’s quite effective since you’ll see lots of familiar picture so you’ll have a great picture-memory shot and sometimes there are some photos of slides or screenshot from the textbook that points some of the important information.

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on Pexels.com

3. De-clutter your stuffs

So you might ever heard about Marie Kondo? If not then I felt sorry for you. This is the right time to re-organise your stuffs and remove all wasted stuffs. There are some easy ways to declutter your closet or your room according to Kondo. If you’re not keen enough on reading the book, you could just jump to some of her youtube tutorial. And it’s amazing because not only it physically make your room great again, but it also give mindfulness and calamity.

I just love how she animates the emotion.

4. Follow the news

I know there were lots of false and hoax news supplied our social media or social chatting app, but it’s best for us to actually know what happened outside. I’m a very big fan of Live with Lucy Hockings for BBC global news. I think not only we’re following a legit information source but it’s also good for our mindfulness that we’re also care about the international conditions instead of being busy with our little world.

5. Practice Meditation

It is a really good way to spend your time. Take it lightly once a day maybe, but once you’re getting into it, it helps to calm us during this indefinite moment. And after the whole lockdown is over – yes, I’m optimistic, we might want to use in our daily basis.

Photo by Prasanth Inturi on Pexels.com

You could also read the other tips on my previous post here.

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