Things were getting intense lately. The whole self isolation thing is getting on everyone’s nerves. In my hospital, people were blaming others, people were giving some debatable instructions, it caused many chaotic event. I personally think that for some others that did not relate with treating corona infected patients, the most challenging case is to stay sane. To keep up clarity during at home. I think the changes occur in my office were never happened before. It creates history. It was something new that we need to be brave on our choices. But to be mindful is not an easy task. It requires lots of practice to become eventually a habit.

I am getting to know one or two thing in life, like the limit of our fear, and that sometimes if we’re really able to be bold enough to do anything, we could push to the limits and suddenly there will be no limit. So what I want to achieve here is that being mindful is a hard task , but workable.

I am drifting..

For knowing that I am here and know nothing about my future or next plan.

I am enjoying the sun that still rises daily.

And I’m grateful enough for that.

Photo by Simon Stolzenbach on Pexels.com

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