A Quiet Year

Imagine this. The world had gone crazy with these mysterious diseases that killed a huge amount of human-kind. People are shutting their doors off. Most business were closed. People are in strike. Politics gone madman. The economics were falling off. Sadly, it’s not 1918 where the spanish flu occured. It is today, the year 2020, where ironically the unusual suspects from this whole tantrum came from the gotham’s unsung heroes, the bats.

This year was supposed to be the futuristic year, the digital year. The year where everyone puts their vision. In my case, for the world of eye health, there is this Vision 2020 where the WHO campaigned initiative to decrease blindness in the year 2020, referencing the best vision a man could accept is 20/20. Well, sadly the world had a more important agenda to date, so it may hold a while.

But, again, life is irony, where this infection, that catch everyone’s attention, appears only as mild symptoms as a cold. A flu. Something that people are mostly underestimated with. It is not as dramatic as cancer or heart disease, where it is still the leading cause of death, but this infection is too fast that we could not comprehend the loss of those we loves.

In spite of the riot of this inevitable year, now what’s left for us? Surviving. Adaptation. We’re going back to the basic needs of human being. We eliminate these unneeded night-long parties, awkward conversations with group of friends we don’t really enjoy, social meeting with your peers that you don’t really have interested in. It forces you to ask yourself : what is the thing that I’ve wanted to do ? Maybe you could remember your childhood memories, or teenagers, what you’d enjoy doing, or creating, and why in the world you let those things off- maybe the world is cruel enough to force you to work, or maybe you fell for other things, but it is still there. The fuel was there, you just need to ignite it.

If you’re a workaholics and suddenly had many free times during this year, you would be enlightened that you told yourself ‘turns out I’m nothing without my work’. Well, that – or maybe you’re just plain wrong. Maybe you haven’t identified yourself with what you truly wanted to achieve and capable of. Maybe there’s hidden talent inside you that crave to be born, or reborn. And you don’t have to have a saying for that. If it’s not on the common choice below, such as cooking, writing, singing, playing instruments, exercising, talking, styling, gardening then still..go for it. It may doesn’t have a word yet, it may be something as weird as you think but it might eventually be what everyone’s need.

So,if this is that time again where the end of the year puts you in the corner and asks you, roughly, about what had you done for the last year, then the first answer is i’m still alive and the next thing is..imagine this, you become your ownself.

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