Habits are the only thing that creates opportunity toward dreams. Do try consistently doing things everyday, even it is only half an hour or less, but if you do it consistently it will become a habit and you will be closer to your dream. Action of your own dream start by doing small things. Small things become a habit, and habits become a reality.


I have a new idea of changing life.

What about talking to lots of people in a very nice way. And a simple way such as compliment things or noticing something that interesting. And try as best as you can to take everything light. Even when you’re facing struggle. 

Remember, the best comedy sometimes come from a tragedy.

Paradox of choice

I’m afraid that sometimes there are too much that I want to achieve, it resulted in achieving nothing. Nowadays we are faced with lots of choices, a paradox of choices. Our mind was working too much to make calculations of the choice we should made then it was down when we are trying to focus one thing. Make a short list about what you want to do. A deadline of objective result. Make a priority. Little by little you will achieve the task.

Notes on myself

A critical time during conversation is when you are shouted or asked by other person and you did not feel like to answer it. Maybe because the question was harsh, or judgemental, or overpower yourself. Whatever that is, you need to be get ahead on those critical time. Be silent for a moment rather than answering it with sugary emotions. It could ruin your relationship, but most important-it will ruin yourself. That person just want to communicate with you. In his or her own way. Maybe he or she really just want to reach you, or basically just care with you. Answer it. Calmly. Or with laugh. Don’t stressed out to much about what the content of the question was. But how you answer them. That’s what matters.